Portrait Gift Vouchers Melbourne

November 16, 2014

Christmas time is a good reminder that we have portrait gift vouchers available for purchase. Photography Gift Vouchers make the perfect gift for a newborn arrival, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, a birthday or Christmas! Give a gift that will last a lifetime with a portrait gift voucher. They are a wonderful way to treat someone… View Article

Queensberry Wedding Albums

July 25, 2014

Once your wedding day is over, we’ll be hard at work, designing and creating an album layout for you. Our Queensberry wedding albums are all handcrafted from the highest quality products so that they look and feel amazing. They are designed to last a lifetime and this is why we include a wedding album in almost… View Article

Sharing the love – Melbourne Wedding Photography

March 16, 2013

This very cute gift from Corban & Blair arrived in the post and made our day! We love their attitude to the new year – to imagine, create, be open, reinvent. That’s exactly what we’re hoping for this year with our photography. Our new business card holders are beautifully crafted and designed. Plus, we think that the… View Article

Maddison, Tammy & James – Portrait Photography

October 14, 2011

We recently caught up with Tammy, James and their beautiful daughter Maddison, on a fresh and sunny spring day. We’ve known Tam and James for about six or seven years – they’re wonderful people – vibrant, full of life and energy, with wonderful smiles. Their beautiful girl Maddie is no exception and has a gorgeous… View Article

Which camera should I buy? Part 1

September 16, 2011

As a photographer, I often get asked for advice on camera related questions, the main one being, which camera should I buy? The challenge with this question is that it is quite general. It’s similar to asking someone, what computer should I buy? Or, where should I go for my next holiday? The short answer… View Article

Wedding: Tim & Eliza – Melbourne Wedding Photography

May 19, 2011

Tim and Eliza who met in Scotland, had a wonderful and intimate wedding, last weekend. Planning a wedding from overseas is a task I wouldn’t want to tackle, but Tim & Eliza, with the help of their friends did an amazing job! The day went smoothly and without a hitch. Even the weather co-operated and… View Article

Photography SLR basics: Shutter Speed, Aperture, ISO

December 30, 2010

Photography SLR basics So you got a new SLR for Christmas or upgraded from your previous camera and wondering how exactly do I get the most out of this new camera? When it comes to taking an image or exposure, knowing how the aperture, shutter speed and ISO interrelate will put you in a position… View Article

Monks, Motos and Meat

November 11, 2010

Since I have returned back to Cambodia with a my new camera I’ve been mainly using the 50mm and it’s great. The ability to shoot at high ISO’s (3200 – 6400) for situations where there is not much light has opened up a whole new area. The image quality is also a step up using… View Article

New Nikon Lenses

February 9, 2010

As a Nikon shooter, it’s really exciting to hear when new camera bodies or lenses are released. Nikon has announced two new lenses. A 16-35mm f4 VR lens and a 24mm f1.4. From reading blogs and forums, these two lenses have been widely anticipated for a while and should be quite popular. I believe the… View Article

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