Gathering wood for cooking fuel – China, Travel Photography

September 11, 2011

As I was editing this image taken in a small town in China, I reflected on how life in Australia is really convenient. If we turn on a switch, we have¬†electricity. We turn the tap and have clean running water. We get sick, we can go to the doctor or the¬†hospital. And, if we are… View Article

Great Wall of China, Kelly Anthony Photography part 1

April 30, 2011

As part of our trip to China, we visited the Great Wall of China. The Great Wall was built during various time periods and was designed to protect the Chinese from the invaders who lived in the North. The Great Wall stretches for 6,259km and we walked approximately 10.5kms. We visited a section called Jinshanling…. View Article

Xitang Water Town, China Travel Photography

April 20, 2011

Xitang is one of a few ancient water towns located East of Shanghai. It’s approximately 1.5 hours drive away or 30 minutes by train. Imagine old stone cobbled streets, wooden boats floating on the small canals, stone bridges, tiled corridors and ancient buildings. It’s a stark contrast to the hustle and bustle of modern Shanghai…. View Article

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