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Archives: December 2010

Angkor Wat – Series of 5

Finally after about seven months of living in Cambodia, we took a long weekend trip up to Siem Reap to visit the Angkor Wat temple complex. I’ve edited down the many hundreds of photos to what I think are the top 5 images from the trip. There are many, many more images that I would have loved to include, but then I would have too many images! Angkor Wat is a place for photographers as there are opportunities for amazing photos everywhere.

There is one image from Angkor Wat, three images from Ta Prohm and one from Bayon. These are the main three temples to visit at Angkor Wat. I did visit a few smaller temples and they were just as impressive in their structure and with the trees and undergrowth intertwined with the stone.

The set of 5 images are available as framed prints, canvas art from our redbubble store. They would make a great feature on your wall at home.

New Nikon Lenses

As a Nikon shooter, it’s really exciting to hear when new camera bodies or lenses are released. Nikon has announced two new lenses. A 16-35mm f4 VR lens and a 24mm f1.4. From reading blogs and forums, these two lenses have been widely anticipated for a while and should be quite popular. I believe the 16-35 is the first f4 zoom Nikon has made (don’t quote me on this) plus it has VR so useful for hand holding and low light situations. The 24 f1.4 will be great on FX cameras for street photography, low light situations and provide nice wide angle bokeh .

A link to the lens on DPReview:


Also Bob Krist got to preview the lenses in a recent shoot. You can read his thoughts here: