Christmas presents kelly anthony photography

We’ve been thinking about the ways to have more of a peace-filled Christmas (aka survive December). Here are some of our ideas:

Plan a picnic with friends, get outdoors, and enjoy live music and Christmas carols at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl, or in your local area. We’re looking forward to waving our candles or glo-sticks at the Banyule Carols in Greensborough.

Dip your toes in the world of online shopping, and avoid jam-packed shopping centres and car parks. We love the eco, ethical, hand crafted and unique options available. Some of our favourites are: hard to find., etsy, eco chic, eco co., polli. Or, consider a gift voucher for our Christmas mini session which can be redeemed throughout the year!

Often the most treasured gifts are those that are handmade. So, if you love cooking, why not bake a little gift or make some jam. If you’ve got kids, letting them loose on a blank canvases with bright paints could fill up an afternoon and unleash their creativity. We’re collecting ideas on Pinterest board DIY Christmas Gifts.

Suggest catch ups in January when everyone is more relaxed and in holiday mode, rather than adhering to the expected flurry of social bookings and urgency of catching up ‘before Christmas’.

Take time to breathe. I was recently encouraged to make a time to take a few hours to reflect in the lead up to Christmas. Concepts such as peace, hope, joy, love and faith, are all too often squeezed out of Christmas. In pausing and reflecting on these, we may find ways to recapture and reclaim the real meaning of this beautiful season.


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