The great thing about photographs is that they are able to capture a moment in time and you can look back at them, any time you like, and be reminded of the moments that are associated with that image. It’s one of the reasons we love taking photos for other people and the places we visit – it’s so that you can enjoy the the story that frames each image.

Looking back through the archives I found a few photos that I don’t think I’ve posted online previously. These images are from our last week in Cambodia, in a place called Kampot. After spending a year living in Cambodia and now settling back into life in Melbourne, there are many emotions, memories and things that we associate with our time there. The memories associated with these particular photos are ones of relaxing in Kampot by the river, going on bike rides along dirt roads through the country side and feeling the breeze on the riverside and watching life unfold.

Hope you enjoy this week’s “Friday Foto” – Something which we’ll try and do on a weekly basis so stay turned for more images every Friday.

A good snapshot stops a moment from running away. ~ Eudora Welty

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