Day 9 photo: Public toilet = the closest tree or wall

A not so uncommon sight in Phnom Penh are men using trees, walls or anything else as public toilets. I think it’s because a lot of people live on the street and work on the street rather than in buildings, they use the closest available tree or wall.

Pros and Cons of using trees and walls as public toilets.

Less infrastructure costs (ie don’t need to actually build public toilets)
Low maintenance (no cleaning of toilets)
Easy access (there’s a toilet every 50m)
The cubicle/toilet is never ‘engaged’

Are those wet patches on the ground, water or something else?
Unhygienic – washing hands?
No place for number twos

Also in the photo, note the man and his child sleeping in the rubbish cart.

One photo a day - day 9

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