Day 18 photo: A young teenager working to sort and recycle rubbish

According to the World Bank, approximately 2% of the third world’s population sustain themselves from collecting and recycling rubbish.

This 15 year old boy carries a load of plastic bottles to be loaded onto a truck. The bottles are often collected by young children carrying large sacks or pulling carts. They walk around the city, collecting these bottles and then trade them in for money. The rubbish is then sorted and placed in these large bags, to be transported to recycling companies.

Across Cambodia an estimated 1.5 million children under 14 are forced to work, child advocacy groups say. They say that while most labor on family farms, up to 250,000 work in hazardous conditions while begging, scavenging waste, working in factories or mining. (source)

A photo a day - heavy burden of recycling

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