Day 15: Lucky Burger.

Please bear with me as I explain the story of how I got this photo …

Currently, there are no McDonald’s restaurants in Cambodia. The closest thing is either Lucky Burger or BB World. There are a few Lucky Burger stores located around Phnom Penh. When we first arrived in Cambodia, we signed up for a Lucky Card. Whenever you shop at a Lucky Supermarket, you give them your card and you get points. The conversion rate is $1 = 0.1 points. You can redeem your points once you have 50, 100, 200 or 500 points. For accumulating 50 points, you get a $5 gift voucher which you can use at Lucky Burger. We finally got to 50 points after 10 months of living in Cambodia (yes, that’s spending $500 on groceries to get a $5 gift voucher) and I happily set off to Lucky Burger to spend it. The picture below shows what I got for our efforts of grocery shopping.

It consists of:
1 Bacon burger set (includes burger, fries and soft drink) – $3.10
1 Starz hash browns (hash browns in the shape of little stars) – $0.90
1 Ice cream sundae (soft serve ice cream with chocolate sauce and nuts) – $1.00
+ some tomato sauce

a photo a day - day 15 - lucky burger

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