Since I have returned back to Cambodia with a my new camera I’ve been mainly using the 50mm and it’s great. The ability to shoot at high ISO’s (3200 – 6400) for situations where there is not much light has opened up a whole new area. The image quality is also a step up using a different sensor from my previous camera. The dynamic range is also very impressive, being able to to recover images that are over exposed or bring up shadow detail in areas which are dark. It’s one other big difference I have noticed and makes a huge difference, in particular the high contrast images. On the whole, I’m very please with the new camera and the quality of images it has been producing. Here are some photos from in and around Phnom Penh as it’s been a while since the last update.

Image 1 – Monks looking at an aerial photograph at the National Museum in Phnom Penh
Image 2 – Three moto drivers waiting for business
Image 3 – A woman selling meat at the Russian Market

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