On our very brief visit to Vietnam we visited Sapa located in the northwest. We took the overnight train from Hanoi (approx 9 hours) there and back. We spent the day exploring the town of Sapa and walking to the nearby village of Cat Cat. Here are some pictures and interesting information regarding the area and the people living here. It’s a very beautiful place with very friendly people.

Sapa is a frontier town and capital of Sa Pa District in the Lào Cai province in northwest Vietnam. It is one of the main market towns in the area, where many ethnic minority groups such as H’mong, Dao and Tay live. (source: wikipedia)

Vietnam is a multi-nationality country. It has 54 ethnic groups with about 86 million people. The Viet (Kinh) people account for 88% of the country’s population and mainly inhabit the Red River delta, the central coastal delta, the Mekong delta and major cities. The other 53 ethnic minority groups, totalling over 8 million people, are scattered over mountain areas (covering two-thirds of the country’s territory) spreading from the North to the South.

Among ethnic minorities, the most populated are Tay, Thai, Muong, Hoa, Khmer, Nung with a population of around 1 million each, while the least populated are Brau, Ro Mam, O Du with several hundred people each. (source: voyagevietnam)

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