Playing Chess

August 29, 2010

A lot of the time, tuk tuk and moto drivers sit around waiting for people to take places so they will either play chess, cards or hang out with each other. This group of tuk tuk drivers were waiting for a bus to arrive in Phnom Penh at the Central Market and were playing the… View Article

The Market (Part 2)

August 24, 2010

I posted part 1 here and this is a follow up post. The following images were taken at the Russian Market. Two additional food images plus some other common items that you can find in the Russian Market, mainly in the souvenir section. Interesting Fact – The Russian Market was featured on Amazing Race… View Article

Rice Farmer

August 23, 2010

Earlier in the year we passed through the region of Kampot and the fields were quite brown and dry. This time however when we visited Kampot and Kep the fields had crops of rice growing everywhere. With the onset of the rainy season, the landscape is once again a lush green colour, dotted with banana… View Article

The Market (part 1)

August 18, 2010

There are many markets in Phnom Penh (and in Cambodia). They all sell a variety of goods ranging from clothes and shoes, through to electronics, souvenirs and food. The main two markets are the Russian Market (Psah Toul Tom Poung in Khmer) which is popular with tourists and also Central Market (Psah Thmei) which is… View Article

Phnom Penh Portrait

August 5, 2010

This is a portrait of a construction worker, working on building a new bathroom for the NGO I’m volunteering with.