Recently I had the opportunity to travel down to Kampot which is in the south of Cambodia, near the sea. Kampot is set on the Kampong Bay River at the base of the Elephant Mountains. It’s a laid back, small & sleepy town with classic French colonial architecture.

I stayed at two places. The hip and happening Bodhi Villa guest house located right on the river which is a great spot for backpackers. It’s very chilled and has a range of watersport activities and floating bungalows. The other place was in town at the Blissful guesthouse. Good food and friendly staff. The image above is the sunrise from Bodhi Villa. Hello 5.00 am !

A had a visit to Epic Arts which is a great organisation “that organise and run visual art, drama, dance and music projects for people with disabilities in the UK, Cambodia and other international locations. Our projects celebrate the creative potential of those with whom we work, by offering new skills and giving each participant an outlet for their creative expression. Epic Arts works with the philosophy that Every Person Counts (EPiC).” (Source: Epic Arts website)

Cycling around the countryside I was able to meet the friendly locals. There are a variety of farms – rice (still the hot season so no rice growing), salt and pepper. The area is really flat aside from the Elephant mountains and at the moment quite dry, although that will change in 1 month or so with the wet season. The salt farms produce salt from the irrigated sea water and the workers carry the salt back and forth from the farm to great tin store buildings. Working under the intense sun and heat for 10 or more hours a day, they earn as much as $2 a day.

I took a range of other photo’s on a trip to visit some caves and a pepper farm. All in all, a very enjoyable weekend trip. For a collection of more images, please view the Landscape and Travel portfolio.

Above: Old lady siting outside her house, enjoying the cooler evening and watching what’s going on.

Below: Old abandoned building in Kampot.

Ablove: Salt farmer gathering salt in Kampot.

Below: Phnom Chhnork – Cave #1 Pre-Angkorian ruin set in a limestone cave amongst stalagmites and stalactites that are slowly growing back into the ruin. Small, 4th-5th century AD brick structure associated with the ancient state of Funan.

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