One of the great things about living in Phnom Penh is the amount and variety of restaurants and places to eat. They range from street vendors selling noodles, fruit, drinks, chicken, fish and eggs right through to expensive restaurants. You can get Khmer food including tarantulas and red ants, pizza, Lebanese food, Indian, French, Mexican, Korean, Thai and pretty much most things except I have yet to see a McDonalds. One of the great things are the number of fruit drinks or shakes that are available. Mango, watermelon, pineapple, orange, passion fruit plus much more.

Above: Steak Sandwhich from the FCC

So far we have eaten at a whole range of different restaurants, paying anywhere from $1 to $6 for a meal (We have yet to go to the more expensive restaurants yet). Food from street vendors is even cheaper.

A list of our favourite places so far comprise of and our rating:

Romdeng – 5/5
Run by an organisation called Friends International where the staff are former street children and trained in hospitality. Great selection of Khmer food, great service, great atmosphere and decor – even has a pool. Main dishes around $5-7. More info go here.

FCC – 3/5
Went here very soon after we arrived. Expat hangout with a large variety of western food and Khmer.

Javacafe – 4/5
Cafe place with various art exhibitions of local artists. Has breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks and wi-fi. Website here.

Jacobs Well – 4/5
Located not very far from us. Has a good variety of food, wi-fi and great service. Owned and run by a fellow Australian as a social enterprise.

Elsewhere – 3.5/5
More of a bar but does serve food. Has a pool!!!! and a clothing shop upstairs. Good hang out place and located near lots of other great eating spots.

The Shop – 3.5/5
Apparently has great chocolate mousse. Bakery/cafe type place, nice atmosphere and food.

Lunch Box – 4/5
Nice garden cafe, good food and has a little shop inside as well.

Asian Spicy Cafe – 3.5/5
Also near by to us, great selection of Western, Asian and Khmer food. Has a bar upstairs and it’s a great place to sit and enjoy the evening. Wi-fi as well and quite cheap.

Local Khmer restaurant on our street (don’t know the name of this place) – 3.5/5
The default place where we get either bai char (fried rice) or noodles. Cheap, tasty and clean.

A lot of restaurants do free delivery – check out the Door to Door guide book.

We’ve been to a whole heap more, but as there are so many to mention, we decided to keep the list short but will add to it later.

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