More Phnom Penh images…

May 30, 2010

Above image is the Independence Monument (click for larger view) Above image is of block of flats near the riverside (click for larger view) Above image is of the Tonle Sap river taken from the Monivong Bridge (click for larger view) Above image is of the architecture of a nearby Wat

Eating in Phnom Penh

May 20, 2010

One of the great things about living in Phnom Penh is the amount and variety of restaurants and places to eat. They range from street vendors selling noodles, fruit, drinks, chicken, fish and eggs right through to expensive restaurants. You can get Khmer food including tarantulas and red ants, pizza, Lebanese food, Indian, French, Mexican,… View Article

Phnom Penh update

May 6, 2010

So after a week in Phnom Penh we have seen only a little bit of the city, but what we have seen so far has just been great. We were able to go on an evening boat cruise along the Tonle Sap river which was a beautiful evening, even when it started bucketing down. It’s… View Article